I go by Andrew (not Andy, Drew, etc) and use he/him pronouns.


I grew up in downtown chicago (Uptown) in a Romanian immigrant household. Both sides of my family fled due to Ceaușescu before the revolution in 1989.

In 2011 I moved to South Carolina, and from 2012-2016 I attended the University of South Carolina. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts.


I’ve been working professionally as a software engineer since 22017. I started with Ruby and Rails, but have since branched out to C#, Crystal, Go, and Rust.

I currently work for [Open Source Systems](https://www.ossys.com/), developing our product [AnalyticsHQ](https://analyticshq.com/), a turn-key platform-as-a-service for developers and data scientists.


I love studying Korean, making music (guitar / tenor sax), baking, homebrewing, gardening, reading, and playing games.

My goals include learning something new every single day and surrounding myself with interesting people to learn from.