How to run Kakaotalk on Linux


Thankfully, installing Kakaotalk has become much easier than before now that it’s 64bit.

As of 2021-07-08, unfortunately, there is a bug where if you have more than 2-3 lines of input in the chat window, Kakaotalk crashes. I have no idea how to fix this, and it’s pretty annoying.


For this, we’ll need to install wine and playonlinux. This guide assumes you’re using debian/ubuntu, but it should work the same for other distros.

sudo apt install -y wine playonlinux

Next, download the PC version of Kakaotalk.exe.

Kakaotalk download page


Open playonlinux and click Install. (Kakaotalk will show up here once you’ve installed it).

Main menu of playonlinux

Click Install a non-listed program.

Install a non-listed program window

Click through the initial prompts. Then select Install a program in a new virtual drive.

Install a program in a new virtual drive window

Give it a name with no spaces, such as kakaotalk or kkt.

Enter a drive name window

Don’t check any of these options, just click Next.

Pre-install choices window

Select 64 bits windows installation and wait a bit for the drive to be created.

This step is important!
32bit or 64bit selection window

Select the Kakaotalk.exe file you downloaded earlier.

File selection window

Continue through the Kakaotalk installation, just hit Next until the last prompt. Do not hit Finish before unselecting Run KakaoTalk.

Make sure to unselect Run KakoTalk before proceeding.
Kakaotalk installation completed

Wait for playonlinux to scan the drive, then select Kakaotalk.exe for the shortcut. Give it whatever shortcut name you want, like KakaoTalk.

Shortcut selection window

Now select I don’t want to make another shortcut.

Shortcut selection window again

Kakaotalk is now installed! You should now see this screen:

Playonlinux main menu

Double click KakaoTalk and sign in. Congrats, you now have KakaoTalk running on linux!