Korean for Programmers

I was inspired to write this after reading German for Programmers. It's highly likely that I'm just biased to see things a certain way because I work with programming languages for a living, but I often find myself drawing comparisons among Korean and programming.

Korean Food & Cooking Vocabulary Reference

Here is a compiled list of Korean words related to food, cooking, eating (out), going out, and nutrition.

My growth as a developer in 2018

Now that 2019 is almost here, I've been reflecting on my personal & professional journey as a programmer so far. Here's my story of going from a media arts degree and no job to working fulltime remotely.

Finishing that marathon

It's not that hard to shine brightly. But how many people continue to shine years later?

Selfhosting git with Gitea, Docker, Caddy

Something I've been doing recently is starting to self-host as much as I can. I don't like relying on businesses, since they can change their services on a whim. I host an IRC network bouncer, a feed reader, and so on. But why not a git frontend?

Making a Discord bot in Crystal: Part 0

Today, let's start with a simple goal: Get a bot up and running via a JSON configuration file, in Crystal, that responds to a "!ping" command.

Books for 2018

My biggest regret of 2017 was reading few books. I want to change that for 2018, so here's a list of books that I am reading, or want to read—and why.

A new year, a new site

I've migrated my website. Again.